Friday, July 16, 2004

Concert at the Ned

I had a concert with the Jackson Area Community Band tonight at "The Ned."  It was a patriotic concert and the audience seemed to enjoy it.  The concert started out great!  We were playing very well and during the national anthem, I got chill bumps as I listened to the audience singing along.  Wow!   We kept the momentum until the last few tunes...we just didn't gel for some reason.  It wasn't bad or anything, just not "tight".


After the concert band, our quintet played.  We refer to ourselves as the "Filet Quintet" jokingly because at rehearsal once last year, our very hard of hearing tuba player was verifying the place in the music we were starting at.  We were starting at DS al fine.  (al fee-nay)   Charlie kept saying "huh?  HUH?  Filet?"  LOL  We laughed so hard at that!   So now, Lori, the french horn player, Connie the other trumpet player and I greet each other with a fist pump and shout "FILET!"    I don't know why...we just do.  It's all in fun!  So, we call ourselves the Filet Quintet.

If least it's original!


I'm really hoping that the guest conductor we have tonight will decide to continue on and be our full time Community Band Director.  He did a great job with us in only three rehearsals and it is exciting to think what we could accomplish under his direction for an entire season.  I hope he'll do it!


Got some pics sent to me...the quintet.  I'm the trumpet player toward the back, next to the tuba player.



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