Sunday, July 18, 2004

If You Come in Looking Like That...

You probably won't get the job!

My assistant does most of the interviewing for open positions. If she likes the person, I'll do a second interview...sometimes.

The other day she had called in a young man to interview him. He came dressed in oversized pants, that didn't even look clean. Shirt hanging out all over. Looked like a thug.

It was obvious that this person was not serious about getting a job, or if he was, he was going about it all wrong.

She wanted to get out of wasting her time on this and asked me how. I said ask a few simple questions and be done with it. I told her I bet she could be rid of him in two minutes, so I timed it!

46 seconds later the interview was done!

She said that he had a booger on his face!

Moral of the story? If you have a job interview that lasts less than a minute, you probably didn't get the job.

...and wipe any remnant boogers off of your face!

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