Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Business Trip and Alone Time

I returned last night from a business meeting in Decatur, AL. It was my first trip to AL. AL doesn't appear to look much different than TN, except for a few more lakes and least in the areas I've seen.

I enjoyed my alone time in the jeep as I drove down. I listened to some talk radio and "Wire" the new Third Day CD. Good CD, I'm really enjoying it.

When I arrived at the hotel, I went to my room and played around with the tv. Since I only have one channel at the house, it is a real treat to surf through all the channels available to me at the hotel. I quickly realize that I don't miss tv and that there really isn't a lot of quality programming available to watch, but I keep surfing anyway.

Then my "roommate" arrives and is very friendly. She is a fellow manager. The managers in my district have been around awhile, and so we all know each other. She said to me that the DM is asking that we all meet in the lobby at 7 so we can go to dinner together. We were planning to eat at the restaurant near the hotel which was exciting to me because it is Logan's...yummy! Steak!

We all meet and walk over to the steakhouse. Unfortunately, the party in our reserved room is not leaving. The restaurant greeter explains that "they have been there since 5:00 and won't leave" so we are going to have to wait. I was a bit irritated because we did have reservations...but, oh well, just like in retail, things in food service don't always go smooth.

At 7:30 our RM says "Ok, break up, go wherever and expense it." So, we all broke out of our big party and went our seperate ways. Very separate for me...I am just me. Nobody chose to hang with me, which is cool. So, I just headed out to find a place to eat. I drove around awhile and didn't really see anyplace that interested me. I was very disappointed the Logan's thing fell through. Well, I just picked up a coke and some chips at a convenience store and went back to the hotel room.

When I walked into the room, I noticed a drawer was left pulled out of the armoir. Curious. Then I noticed that my roommates luggage was gone. I thought yay, I'll be by myself! Strange that she didn't leave a note or anything. I checked the closet to be sure, and yes, her things were all gone.

Later on I noticed that in fact she had left a note on my bed. "Sue, it's Chris' birthday and we are all going out to celebrate. We will get in late. Donna didn't make it so I'm going to sleep in Chris' room cause I don't want to wake you." I thought cool! I'm by myself for the night!

So I watched some tv. Stopped for awhile to work on my Experiencing God study in which the chapters I'm studying now are all about how God reveals His plans to us. I'm enjoying it immensely.

I finished that and kept channel surfing until 2:00 am! I did get interrested in some shows. One was Court Tv and a program about "Cold Cases", I watched a bit of "Trauma" about real life ER visits, and some video footage of "Wildest Police Chases". I also watched a spot on the O'Reilly factor about Rap Music, Has it Gone too Far? Seems there is a bit of a debate over a remix of the song Confessions by Usher. Joe Budden has added some rap lyrics that are really quite offensive and some anti-abortion people are really taking issue with it...and they should. So should many more! Hear are the questionable/objectionable lyrics:

...Pray that she abort that,

If she's talkin' 'bout keepin' it,

One hit to the stomach,

She's leakin' it...

I agree, those are disgusting lyrics, but then again, I would say that many lyrics in the rap genre are objectionable, but that's a topic for another post.

When I awoke in the morning, I headed to IHOP for breakfast. I read through USA Today and enjoyed my quiet morning and breakfast. When I left, I headed back to the hotel. While on the road, I started to really realize how weird I am.

I thought about the note that was left for me telling me that my roommate was going to another person's room and that they were all going out to celebrate a birthday. I thought most people would have been hurt by that. I wasn't invited to the party! My roommate bailed on me! AND I AM HAPPY!

I started wondering if I am more weird than I originally thought. Why do I so much prefer being by myself?

Then, at lunch, I noticed that when we all got our lunches, that I took mine to my jeep. I turned on the AC and sat in there listening to the radio and eating. I thought, there! I did it again! I withdrew and found a place off by myself! After I finished eating, I headed back into the hotel toward the meeting room. I was thinking all the way back in that people must really think I'm weird. That I'm always off by myself. But, that's where I'm happiest! When I went back in, I joined up in some "shop talk".

It was time for the meeting to reconvened so we all headed back to the meeting room. Many were already seated, so I found a seat and sat down. My DM said "Sue, you broke the barrier! You 'crossed the line'!" He was making note that I was the first person to sit next to somebody outside my district. I introduced myself to Melissa and looked around the room. It was true, the managers from my district were on one side of the room and the other district was on the other side. Now, I think that is weird. I guess that I am such a misfit within my own district, that I didn't even notice that I wasn't sitting with them! LOL

All the way home I was worrying that I was isolating myself from society. When I returned home, Katie gave me a big hug and was glad I was safely home. We sat on the swing and talked last evening and I shared that I am so introverted that I am isolating myself from society. I said "I am weird." and she said "yes you are, but I love that about you!" LOL

Katie reassured me that even though I am introverted that I "do enjoy being around people, (I am) just selective." She affirmed this by reminding me that I love SaLT group and my bible study classes. I am involved with all my bands and ensembles. I enjoy the people I work with, and for Pete's sake, I am in a customer service business. So, I am not isolated from society at all! Whew! I was scared there for a moment! LOL

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