Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Shoutfest 2004

Shoutfest 2004 is coming to Jackson, TN! YAY!

Featuring:Tait, Jump5, Rachael Lampa, Petra, Seventh Day Slumber, Overflow, Olivia, Circleslide, One Friday, and evangelist Jarrod Jones!

Too bad that is the same Saturday of my church's Women's Retreat. Drat! I'd love to see Tait and Seventh Day Slumber. Rachael Lampa could be interesting, I really enjoyed her first album, but everything since then has pandered to the "pop" crowd. I hate that.

I hope Jackson supports this one! It will be at the Casey Jones Village Ampitheater which is a decent venue and I am glad to see it being used. Turns out that the weekend after that, some up and coming country music artists will be there: Brad Cotter, Billy Currington and Joe Nichols for the Country Fan Fest.

Maybe there is hope for Western TN culturally? I sure hope so!

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