Monday, September 13, 2004

Financial "Windfall" and Jim Brickman

Time to pay the mortgage. I hate that. That's a large chunk of paycheck...actually, a large chunk of two paychecks.

I'm in the process of refinancing my home because I'm trying to get my payments lowered and with the interest rates as low as they are, I wanted to use this opportunity. So, I contacted a rep and all is getting handled. That happened over a month ago and I was getting impatient wondering what all is going on with it. I finally got a call today and it seems that because it was "taking so long", the rates dropped another .25% from my original quote, so my payments will be lowered even more! YAY! Also, I was told not to pay my September or October payment, since they have been figured into the new loan. So, that is a bit of financial relief!

Also, I did decide to splurge. I told Katie that if ever a certain entertainer/musician person came to town, we were going. Well, Jim Brickman will be here on Thursday. I looked at tickets the other day, but they were too pricey. They are still pricey, but with a bit of the financial burden lifted this month, I thought...what the hey! I bought the tickets and we are going! My co-worker was also kind enough to swap days with me to make it possible for me to go. YAY! I think Katie will really enjoy his show and I'm sure she will be calling herself a "Brickhead" in no time!

I originally saw him in Des Moines, IA in 1999 when I got a pair of free tickets from the label rep. I didn't know much about him or his music then and I wasn't sure what to expect at his show. I was totally enthralled by his talent and his charm, and his ability to entertain. I learned that night that I grew up just "down the road" from him near Cleveland, OH. If Jim Brickman heads to your area, I recommend that you go see him. It will be a wonderful evening for you and a spouse. I'm sure Katie is bummed that she's going with me and not a spouse, but who knows...maybe someday she'll find someone special to take her to see America's Newest Romantic Piano Sensation! Well, not so "new" anymore, he's quite established, but back in 1999 that was his running "hook" line through his performance.

So, Katie and I are going to see, and hear, Jim Brickman at "the Ned" on Thursday. Woohooo!

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