Tuesday, September 07, 2004

The Return of the Passion

A woman came into my store to return a VHS of The Passion of the Christ. When asked why, she told my associate that it was defective and that "a line keeps going through it". No problem, we can exchange that for another Passion.

Nope, she didn't want another one. "I'm sorry, but we can only exchange open/defective merchandise for the same item."

"I can't get my money back?"

"No, I'm sorry, not on open product."

"But it really wasn't what I expected it to be."

The customer followed through and exchanged the VHS and left the store with a brand new copy.

This return/exchange policy is in place and is common in most any retail establishment that sells recordable media. We've really had to crack down on the policy in recent years due to piracy. People buying a CD, going home and burning it, then bringing it back to exchange it for something else. Can't do that anymore!

I had questions after the customer left: Was the original VHS she purchased really defective? and, what did she expect The Passion of the Christ to be?

How is it possible that through all of the media attention that movie recieved prior to its release, and after its release, that one could not have realistic expectations of it? or at least have a clue as to what one would see in the film? I really wonder what she expected it to be? It's the PASSION! PASSION that a mere human can't fathom!

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