Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Bible Knowledge

I received an email one day from a young gentlemen who was browsing the Internet and happened upon the Northbrook Church website. In his email he was asking a question and I replied with my short answer and also asked if I could post his question online at the Sisters' Weblog. With permission I post:

The topic is "Biblical values and not biblical knowledge is important in a believers life". The topic is put up on debate and any infromation for or against the topic will be recived with gratitude.

Please help me out here.

Hoping to get a reply I remain.

With prayers and christian love,

Fred Jackson.

This was my reply:

Off the top of my head I would say that biblical values are important, if not more important than biblical knowledge. I would have to say that knowing and understanding the facts of the Bible would only enhance ones ability to understand biblical values and apply them to everyday living. Kingdom living. Also, biblical knowlege is something that anyone can "learn". Satan "knows" the bible, yet obviously he takes issue with the values presented in it. Spouting facts and figures, while it can make one a "scholar", does not make one follower of Christ.

What do you have to add to this discussion? Please post in comments.

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