Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday

Well, it was another wonderful day with my future proxy family. We forfeited the movie and spent the day at the Mall. I got my hair trimmed. We started the day off taking one of the family to the subway station so she could get to the airport for her flight home. We were also waiting for another family member to meet us there and go off to the Mall for our 2nd annual Black Friday shopping adventure!

While we were waiting, Dave turned up the tunes and Marie jumped out of the back of the truck and started dancing with him in the parking lot. What fun! So, against my daughters wishes, I jumped out too and we had a street dance right there at the train station! It was awesome! I felt so to be me...and nobody made fun of me...and others were dancing and being crazy with me! It was wonderful!!! We danced through several songs like, "whip it" LOL... until it was time to leave...without a care in the world....these are those unforgettable spontaneous moments I live for. I'm building new memories to cherish already...but, there are lingering memories of these types of spontaneous moments with my best friend and children that hover and make me long to relive some times in the past.

I know that nothing is guaranteed in this life...people come and go...and it doesn't matter how much you love them except for one thing: The more you love them, the more it hurts when the good times are merely distant, yet cherished memories.

Ultimately, there is One who will always love and never leave. I am counting on Him to get us through the framily break up. In all honesty, I think the only one who needs help with it is me... For whatever reason...I think I am the only framily member who wants to relive those beautiful lost days. Yes, this is bittersweet, and sometimes I wonder how I will ever get through... but I can do all things through Christ....and He is already working out the kinks.

Okay, enough depressing for the happy present...Last night, Tiff, Marie, and I were doing some Superman line dance thingy in the balcony. We laughed so hard I could hardly stand up. Then Dave blasted some Toby Mac this morning while we were all getting ready. It was recorded live in Texas. It ROCKED! We were all having a good time then. Man, is life always a party around here?

At the moment things are quite subdued as I am typing from Barnes and Noble still here in Atlanta. I think it would be inappropriate to dance here LOL. Besides, my dance partner is at home with her proxy baby sister. Tomorrow Tiff and I head back to TN. I feel homeless...or hometween. Humboldt doesn't seem quite like home anymore...and Atlanta isn't quite home yet. It's a very melancholic place to be...but also exciting at the same time. God is at work and I anticipate what He is going to do. I'm letting go of the plans I have made for me...losing control of my destiny...and giving it to the only One who knows what to do with it. I'm taking a leap of faith...diving in to the unknown. I know He is holding me. I'm not afraid...well maybe just a little. Man, I love how music ministers to me!!!!

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