Friday, November 28, 2008

Picture Perfect

Things couldn't have gone smoother for Thanksgiving dinner. We put on our festive aprons and everyone had their part in preparing the meal. Jeanie fixed most of the feast and the rest of us were responsible for clean up duty. The table was dressed in full array with candles and autumn/Thanksgiving centerpieces and a variety of Thanksgiving china. The pinkish red holiday punch was served in beautiful wine glasses.

We all took turns from oldest to youngest, sharing the things we are especially thankful for this year. It was such a blessing. Jeanie was so happy to have her entire family and closest friends gathered around the Thanksgiving table. I could only have been more blessed if Justin had been here.

After the meal, the transition from Thanksgiving takes place as we vote on the Christmas classic to watch and we all begin cleaning up to Christmas music. However, we had a bit of a twist as Dave put in the Johnny Cash band and we listened to songs like "Ring of Fire"...that didn't have quite the same effect as the Christmas music...but it was still fun. Eventually the Christmas music came on. So we were cleaning up Thanksgiving dinner and listening to Christmas. The transition began taking place.

After the dishes were finished, we all got into our Christmas pajamas and sat down in front of the fire with our coffee/tea/eggnog. Jeanie knitted and I crochetted as we all watched Miracle on 34th Street. The Christmas season is now in full swing as today is black friday and we are taking our 2nd annual trip to the Mall of Georgia for shopping adventures, lunch in the food court, winding up the day with a movie. This year's feature is Australia. (I heard it's a great movie...thanks for the critique, Sooby!)

Well, there you have it in a nutshell... oh oh ohhhhhhh!!!! speaking of nuts...

This morning, I awakened in my beautiful room overlooking the lake and tree tops. I watched as two squirrels worked diligently on their nest. It was quite entertaining watching them chew off branches and run up and down the trees, taking the branches to their nest. I was entertained as the larger squirrel seemed to be doing the biggest part of the work. I even laughed out loud once as the larger squirrel struggled to get this HUGE branch through the other branches and the little one just kept running around him and climbing over him. Later on, I saw the little squirrel carrying a rather large branch of leaves up to the nest. I think he got in trouble. LOL.

Speaking of trouble.........

I thought I was in trouble last night because I spilled my tea on the white carpet. But Jeanie was so kind and said, "that's okay we have the carpet protected. I'm sure this will clean right up" and it did! Woohoooo! OH oh and salt... LOL... this one is not just funny but 2x funny!

When we made our coffee/tea last night, Jeanie had switched canisters and moved the sugar to a larger canister while putting salt in the smaller one. I was unaware of this. Soooooooooo

When young David spit coffee (all over the carpet) from taking the first big gulp of his salted drink, I couldn't figure out how salt ended up in his coffee. How dumb is that? LOL. Then later that night when I fixed a new cup of tea (after spilling mine), I also got duped. Took my first big gulp and ...well thank goodness I was standing by the sink and not the white carpet that had already been annointed twice!!!!

It was a great day....we all had so many laughs.

Oh one last thing...this is really funny (but you had to be here). There is a bad chair at the dinette table in the kitchen. Dave, Marie, and I were having breakfast. Tiffany came to sit down and sat in the bad chair. Everything was fine until she moved..LOLOL I am cracking up as I type this...the chair leg gave out and Tiffany crashed into the table. She wasn't hurt and quite embarrassed and we all laughed our ends off! LOLOLOL.

Okay, gotta go get my make up on so I can be ready to participate in the busiest shopping day of the year! Thanks to all the dedicated retail workers for all your hard work and dedication on this day full of crazy, whacked people like me who enjoy participating in the mad rush of holiday frenzy!

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