Sunday, November 09, 2008

Seattle's Best

Katie and I went to Seattle's Best today and I decided I wanted a cinnamon roll from Cinnabon. I got a "mini" roll because the last time I had a full sized cinnamon roll it sat in my stomach like a concrete brick all day. It was not pleasurable at all.

I really enjoy going there for coffee almost daily. I do wish however that Seattle's Best was designed more as a coffee house, instead it is basically a Subway with a window at one end to buy Seattle's Best coffee.

It was a lot better when we could sit outside during the warm summer months because inside they usually have two dualing tvs blaring. They are never on the same station. It's chaotic and it's a shame.

Seattle's Best is also good for simple coffee drinkers like me. If you like frou frou it probably isn't for you because the drinks don't seem to be made correctly, as least not from the point of view of the people I've gone there with.

But, I still love Seattle's Best coffee!
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