Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving in Atlanta

Well, we arrived in Atlanta safe and sound! Thanks to all those who prayed for us. It was a bit difficult to stay awake the last hour but we made it.

As we got out of the car, Tiff and I could hear Marie cheering loudly as she celebrated our arrival. Right away, I recieved a blessing...felt..wanted and loved in that very expression of joy. But then, I was greeted with a huge hug from Jeanie and the nostalgic smell of Pumpkin pie. The table was already set last night for tonight's dinner. It really felt like Thanksgiving had arrived. Then, when I got upstairs to my room, my towels were on my bed Jeanie style with a Christmas present wrapped on top.

I slept very well once I finally made it to bed (around 2:00 am). When I first awakened, my eyes were still closed. Then the thought came into my head, "You are not home, you are waking up in Atlanta and the sun is coming up over the lake...quick, look out the window!" So, I sat up and turned to my left (the bed is sitting up against the window overlooking the lake) and sure enough, the sun was just beginning to light up the tree tops. The lake was like glass with a crisp, clear reflection of the beautiful trees, blue sky, and soft, puffy white clouds. It was so beautiful! It's easy to praise God when you wake up to that!

Today, I announced to my precious friends here, who have shown so much love to may family over the years, that I will accept their proposal to temporarily move in with them next summer and begin a new life here in Atlanta. I presented them with a gift and a card. In the card I announced my decision. I listened and watched as it was read aloud. I watched the excitement build on each of their faces as they began to realize what I was telling them. Then I listened to their cheers as they celebrated our decision.

I would like to thank God this Thanksgiving for family, friends, restoration, healing, this place, and new beginnings.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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