Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chuck's Blogging!

Chuck finally has a blog: Northbrook Church Blog

Go read, go encourage, go comment, just go see it!


  1. I wrote you both a long email of one of my experiances with prayer but it too was eaten by gmail. So I guess my wee stories are not meant to be told...LOL Suffice it to say, when poor health, and possible death confronted me, prayer is all I had. I found comfort in it. I am a quiet believer. Try to live as Christian a life as I can and then some. What I found so wonderful about your site is that you and Sue are not preaching but sharing. I believe all that you said was divine intervention. We only have to look to find it.
    Thank you again and stay in touch please.

  2. Thank you Carol for your comment. I am curious to know what of this blog you have read that prompted you to comment?

    Also, I hope you will find some time in the future to rewrite your "wee stories" and email them because I for one would love to know them. :)

    Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!