Saturday, December 06, 2008

Seaman Blakely

This is a pic from my phone of Seaman Blakely and his mom. Katie is such a proud mom. You should have heard her yelling "That's my son! That's my son!" as we saw him leading his division at the Navy graduation ceremony.

There he was, out front, carrying a cutlass and leading Division 803. It was such a proud moment, and the moment that Justin had kept a secret from his mom. She had NO IDEA that he was chosen as Division Recruit Chief Petty Officer and that he was marching out ahead of the division as its esteemed leader!

We all got teary-eyed! It was awesome!

Now, on the 18th this month my nephew, Cory, will be graduating from Army Basic Training. What a month!

Thank you to all the brave young men and women willing to serve their country!
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