Saturday, February 11, 2006

Symphony Gig

I'm getting ready to leave in a few minutes for rehearsal. Tonight I have the opportunity to perform with the Jackson Symphony. Tonight's concert is a "Celtic Celebration" and will feature guest artist Cherish the Ladies.

I have really been practicing the Victor Herbert piece "Irish Rhapsody" as I'm a bit rusty on transposition. Also, transposing to A on a Bb trumpet is putting me in the Key of B. Bb trumpets should not have to play in the key of B! It's not natural! LOL Actually, it is not so bad except that my part requires a lot of playing in the low register of the horn which means the fingerings are a bit more difficult is all. I've worked it up to performance level and thought we did very well with it at rehearsal last night.

It should be a good time tonight. I know that with all this celtic music and dancing themes, I'm almost ready to go buy some clogs! LOL

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