Sunday, February 12, 2006

Episode IV - What Should a Christian Say....

ListenWhat should a Christian say when she hits her thumb with a hammer?

No, really, we had a little trouble coming up with a topic for this podcast and managed to have fun asking and answering the above question. At least we thought it was funny!

We also share the story of "The Bellydrag"...although, I think it is probably one of those "you had to be there" kind of things.

This is Episode 4, if you listen and like what you hear, you can find our other podcasts at Sisters' Podcast: It Bloggles the Mind! If you listen and hate it, you might try our other podcasts and give us a chance to redeem ourselves!

Remember we are a m a t u e r s, we have NO idea what we are doing! Our equipment consists of a sound recorder, an $8 microphone from Walmart, and a 20 year old, sometimes-functioning, boombox...yeah, remember those?

Also, we need some help ending our podcaster's block...have any suggestions for podcasting topics?

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