Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Express Line

With the bag of dogfood in my arms and five fruit cups in my basket, I made my way to the Express Line, 11 Items or Less. To my dismay, I noticed the man in front of me had a lot more in his shopping CART (cart, NOT a "buggy"!). I counted them. There were 23 items. 23 "bleeps" as the cashier moved them across the scanner.

23 items in the 11 items or less line!

Should the cashier politely say to the man, "it seems you may have more items than this express lane allows for, please use another available check out line."?

Or, should the people in line behind the man shout "CAN'T YOU COUNT?"

I have no problem with letting a guy slide with 12 items, or 13, maybe even up to 15, but this guy had more than double the allotted items for the Express Line!

What is the point of an express line if a person can use it with any number of items? It takes the "express" out of "express line"!

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