Friday, February 17, 2006

Cellphone Rudeness is OUT OF CONTROL!


I do not carry a cellphone, and I don't have a problem with people who do...except when they are talking on it while I am trying to give them the customer service THAT THEY ASKED FOR! Why don't they ask the person on the other end of the phone for help finding something?

My first customers of the day both were using their phones at the check out. These were two separate incidents a few minutes apart, just "perfect" to start my day out "right". One woman actually made her call as I was taking care of her return. I'm sure waiting 2 minutes to place that call would have meant a loss of life. I was so irritated.

Cellphone rudeness is out of control.

Is it really necessary for one to be in constant communication with another person? And really, most of the conversations I can't help but "overhear" are NOT life changing.

I really wish I had some kind of scrambler in my store that would make using the cellphone impossible!

IT IS RUDE TO TRY TO TALK TO SOMEONE ON THE PHONE AT THE SAME TIME YOU ARE TRYING TO COMMUNICATE WITH SOMEONE WHO IS STANDING THERE IN FRONT OF YOU! Pick one! If you want to talk on the phone...leave my store and talk to your heart's content. If you want some help finding the item you need, and you want to purchase it, do that...BUT DON'T DO BOTH!

IT IS RUDE! There is no other way to explain it.

So while these particular customers are handing me their money and their credit cards, I could virtually do anything with those things that I wanted since it was obvious they weren't paying any attention to me. So, it's not only RUDE, it's STUPID!

The ironic thing is that while they were chatting away on their cellphones and I was completing their transactions without much interaction with them at all (which goes against everything a customer service focused person is trained to do), THE STORE PHONE WAS RINGING OFF THE HOOK!

I NEVER answer the phone if I am serving a customer in the store. Why? BECAUSE IT IS RUDE!

So, if I know it is rude and possibly upsetting to the customer if I were to make them wait for me while I answer the phone....WHY DON'T THEY KNOW THAT IT IS RUDE TO ASK FOR MY HELP WHILE THEY TALK ON THE PHONE!?!

I wish companies would come up with some type of policy on how to handle customers who are talking on their cellphone. It is amazing how a customer will ask for help finding something, and then they won't even follow me to the area they need to be in because they are so ensconced in their conversation. So, I stand there wasting time waiting for them to notice I am on the other side of the store. I have other customers, other customers NOT BEING RUDE and NOT TALKING ON THEIR CELLPHONES, that need assistance.

I would really like to simply walk away from and ignore people on their phones and not have it effect in any way the customer service that I am required to give, and want to give.

Oh, here's a good one that Katie shared with me. Yesterday, as Katie was helping a person at her job get signed up for a membership, the woman was of course, on a cellphone. There are some questions that need to be asked and answered in order for the membership application to be processed. The Rude Cellphone User (RCU) placed a call and Katie, needing to inquire about some additional information, asked the woman a question. The RCU then apologized TO THE PERSON SHE WAS TALKING TO ON THE PHONE, because "someone was being rude". AAAUGGHHHH! THE AUDACITY!

Cellphone rudeness is OUT OF CONTROL!

I think God is teaching me grace because He keeps putting RCUs in my path!

Cellphone Etiquette...there is no "cellphone etiquette", it is just ETIQUETTE!

Etiquette and some plain old common sense, respect and decency!
  1. I don't want to hear about your recent colonoscopy results or that the dog has mange. Keep your voice down please!
  2. I'm grossed out when you are talking on the phone while using a public restroom.
  3. Deal with your face to face interactions first; pay attention when your server is taking your order or the clerk is taking your money, or the doctor is taking your appendix. See, if you are on the phone, you missed that.
  4. Turn that thing off at the movies and at church! Don't worry, when God calls, He doesn't use the phone. (He read the fine print, the minutes don't rollover into eternity.)
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