Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I'm Being Quoted!

I was contacted today by the couple that manages the website for Talitha and Acacia. They emailed me to ask if they could have permission to quote me on the website as well as an mass email newsletter. I was flattered! I gave permission!

Talitha and Acacia is a duo whose music I was first introduced to last fall at Shoutfest 2005 in Jackson, TN. I was quite taken with their music and stage presence and posted about the experience I had at Shoutfest, and more specifically, the performance of Talitha and Acacia. Here's what I had to say:
"There were some other lesser known artists that performed yesterday. Of them all, I think Talitha and Acacia deserve highest mention. This duo is ripe for the bigtime. Great songwriters that share insight into spiritual matters through well-written lyrics and memorable melodic hooks that are enhanced with simple blended harmonies. These two girls interacted with the audience in an intimate yet entertaining way. Their set was very well accepted by the audience and I'd recommend a listen. I think they are about to breakthrough into the 'big time'."
Their second full-length CD is due to be finished later this month and I'm very excited about the release! They have a great message, one that needs to get out!

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