Sunday, February 26, 2006

Quenching the Spirit

Professional theologians are often accused of "quenching the spirit".

All who have thoughts about God are theologians. If you forward an email that says God will bless you if you do, that indicates something about your theology. If you have no belief in a god whatsoever, that is another indication of what your theology is. If you say angels have wings, or that the devil carries a pitchfork and has horns, that also is indicative of your theology.

Professional theologians are those who usually make a living studying things of God. They construct their theology from a lot of study and research. Professional theologians are very aware of common trends and are critical of theological ideas. Professional theologians are often accused of "quenching the spirit".

Do you replace faith with knowledge?

I'm wondering if some theologians are accused of "quenching the spirit" because they sometimes do!? Is it possible that some theologians actually do replace faith with "knowledge"? I think of the Pharisees of Jesus' day...they were the "thinkers" and knew their theology inside and out which blinded them to the true Theology they were witness to. It stood before them and they missed it.

Also, satan himself has knowledge of the Word yet more than anything he quenched and quenches the Spirit BIGTIME!

Are some professional theologians "threatened" by events of a supernatural God? Supernatural would mean that the event can not be explained as something that would occur naturally. Things like, oh...healing a blind man, the sun staying out and making daytime last for 24 hours, resurrection of the dead, and while many Christian theologians will believe those Biblical events, will they have faith enough to believe that they themselves can experience a miracle? Something that defies explanation? Possibly their own salvation experience? or a healing? a spiritual transformation? a "Divine Intervention"?

The Introduction to Theology study I'm working on has me pondering some things.

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