Saturday, February 11, 2006

God Still Works Miracles!



God still works miracles.

Two weeks ago tonight, a young girl pulled out into traffic in her little Pontiac Sunfire and was broadsided by an SUV.

She laid unconscious for three days and then rose from her slumber. Unable to swallow, unable to speak and suffering from a broken pelvis and tailbone, arrangements were made to transport her to a neuro center in Atlanta, GA, to treat her Traumatic Brain Injury, TBI.

Tonight, two weeks after the life-changing accident, Holly whispered her first words. Two hours later she was talking! She has done arithmetic!

"Holly is showing visible improvement 'every 5 minutes.'"

She identifies and points out her friends in a picture! She talked on the phone! She ate a full meal! Her memory is returning! She understands that her parents' have kept vigil at her bedside and that she will going to Atlanta for rehabilition. This is such encouraging news and worship tomorrow morning should take on a whole new meaning. Woohooo! God is good, ALL the time!

From Dave Gushee on Holly's Carepage tonight:
Nelda Webb, our volunteer tonight, has gotten to witness a miracle. She reports that her husband, who also visited tonight, said that Holly is showing visible improvement "every 5 minutes."
The girl should not have even survived the wreck, but anything is possible with God! ANYTHING!

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