Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Sisters' Weblog: It Bloggles the Mind!

As I've made banners for the Blog Explosion rotation, it got me to thinking that people might wonder about this blog's title and what the different banners refer to. While some of it is self-explanatory and obvious, maybe other things aren't...especially to visitors only here for the obligatory thirty seconds.

"Sister's Weblog" refers to the fact that Sue (me) and Katie are sisters in Christ. We are not blood sisters, or related to each other in any way except in the family of God.

One banner says that we are two completely different women, "loved by the same man". That man is Jesus Christ and I used that banner to spark some interest and apparently it works with the click thru % I'm getting on that one! Katie and I are completely different too! I am an introvert and love my alone time, she on the other hand is an extreme extrovert and can strike up conversations with anyone. One time she even had a woman follow her home from Walmart to get the giant bag of cedar chips for her guinea pig, after ours died and we had no more use for it. A total stranger! Followed her home! LOL I am "not the mom" and she is the mother of two teens, but we all share a home together and call ourselves a framily. Actually, any friend of ours is considered a framily member. She likes to spend hours fixing her hair and makeup and dressing all pretty to go out for coffee at a local cafe. I like to throw on a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt and play on the computer for hours at a time. We both acknowledge that only God could have matched us up as friends who could manage to share a house together. Anyone who knows us would agree that we are two totally different kinds of people, but when a common bond is God, things have a tendency to work out.

Another banner I use says "we share the same blood you know...boy! moths sure do stink when they burn!" This refers to a comical moment in our early online history. Katie and I were internet buddies and would IM through ICQ quite a lot. I am adopted and have no knowledge of any blood relative at all, so that whole concept intrigues me, you know...actually looking like a family member, sharing traits and all that stuff. Well, one day as Katie and I chatted online, the conversation turned personal and she blessed my soul when she said "we share the same blood you know". I sat back in my chair pondering that wonderful sentiment and how deeply it touched me. I didn't have a chance to type anything in reply, when another message from Katie arrived and it said "Boy! Moths sure do stink when they burn!" because apparently a moth got caught in a lamp near her and got a little too close to the light and burned. That sure did ruin a tender moment in our friendship! LOL

"It Bloggles the Mind!" is a play on words and comes from that fact that I love to ponder things. I like my mind to be boggled, and nothing boggles my mind more than the grace, mercy, faithfulness, forgiveness and love of God. At times on the Sisters' Weblog, we ponder and blog out our thoughts on scripture or other facets of Christianity and God things. Early in our friendship Katie and I would read and study scripture until all hours of the morning. We would blow each other's minds with some of the ponderables we'd share and it was great fun. I miss those days! Life and work have a tendency to interrupt stuff like that, but we still study...we just need our rest too.

So, that's a bit of information for you about the title of this blog. I hope you enjoy your visit to the Sister's Weblog and thanks for stopping by!

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