Friday, December 17, 2004

Memphis 13th on Dangerous List

Most dangerous cities

In its latest City Crime Rankings released this week, Morgan Quitno Press ranked Memphis as the nation's 13th most dangerous city. Here's the 15 worst:

1. Camden, N.J.

2. Detroit

3, Atlanta

4. St. Louis

5. Gary, Ind.

6. Washington

7. Hartford, Conn.

8. New Orleans

9. Richmond, Va.

10. Birmingham

11. Baltimore

12. Richmond, Calif.

13. Memphis

14. Jackson, Miss.

15. Tampa, Fla.

That's not too good for Memphis when they are worse than New York, Los Angeles or Cleveland. Of course Memphis officials are scoffing at this listing saying that:

"These things come out two, three, four times every year, no two of them agree with each other, they are conducted by for-profit companies, they do not have full-time criminologists on staff, to my knowledge they are not affiliated with research universities or institutions," said Grey Mobley, senior research associate at the Memphis Shelby Crime Commission.

I suppose though that had they been named the one of the safest places to live, the attitude toward the ranking would be different.


In other news, a tragedy at the Crystal Cathedral when long time orchestra conductor, Johnnie Carl, opened fire on congregants arriving for the Christmas Pageant before barricading himself in a bathroom where he killed himself. He was conductor at the Cathedral for 29 years and arranged/recorded music for Celine Dion, John Tesh and Michael Crawford. He leaves behind a wife and three children.

I can't imagine hurting so much and being without hope to the point of killing oneself. Tragic.

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