Sunday, March 26, 2006

Our Daily Bread

While saying the Lord's prayer the other day, a thought came to me. I've done studies and read several books on the Lord's prayer. It's perfect. When I'm having trouble praying, so often I will just recite this prayer to God. It's beautiful and it covers everything. However, I've been pondering this thought for quite some time now.

CommunionIn my studies of the Lord's prayer, "Give us this day our daily bread", is often referred to or explained as a petition for God to supply our needs. When we speak of needs, most likely they are things like health, finances, food, clothing, housing, etc... But, what does God see as a need? Could that need be illness? Might it be heartbreak, a car accident, or the loss of a loved one?

I know this may seem bizarre to some, perhaps even ungodly. But, God does not think like we do. He sees the whole picture. People are often at their best in times of weakness and tragedy. Sometimes it takes war to make peace, a wound to bring healing, or pain to bring joy.

This brings me to share a story regarding some very close friends who experienced having need met through a time of suffering. They were having some struggles that was causing tension between the members of the family. The dad, a good Christian man, was often gone on trips and very career minded. He was doing what he thought to be best for his family when really, they just needed him to be home more. One rainy evening, this couple received a call from the hospital emergency room. The caller informed them that their daughter had just been in a tragic car accident and was unconscious.

Hours turned into days. Aside from lacerations to her upper cheek, and a fractured pelvis, tail bone, and collar bone, their daughter had suffered a traumatic brain injury and was in a deep coma. The couple was a living example of God's grace as they dealt with the idea that if and when their daughter regained consciousness, their lives would never be the same.

Through this time of struggle, the father (a writer) began writing like he had never

"His words touched the hearts of many"

written before. He took notice of simple things that are so often taken for granted. His words touched the hearts of many. He experienced God's grace like one could have never imagined. His focus was brought back to home and family and as a result, their bond became stronger.

After just a few days, their daughter regained consciousness. She couldn't speak, or swallow. The doctors said that she would have to relearn everything. Nobody knew what was going through her mind or how she was feeling. Plans were made for her to go through rehabilitation at a special center for TBI victims. Doctors said that she stood a chance of 80% recovery after about a year of intense therapy.

It was about three weeks after the accident when some friends from the girl's school came to visit. Everyone was laughing at a joke, when somebody noticed that the couple's daughter was laughing too! It shocked everybody. The first intelligent sound that came from her mouth was a hardy belly laugh! The next day, while her friends were visiting, she began to whisper, and then within a couple days she was chatting non-stop.

By the time she arrived at the rehabilitation center, she was at 95% recovery. Even the physicians who didn't practice a faith in God could not come up with any other explanation. This family had received a miracle.

During the time the mom and daughter were at rehab together, the dad had the blessing of trying to balance career, household, and raising the other two teenagers as a single parent. This man, who already had a very merciful heart to those who have been put in a single parenting position, began to have even more compassion towards them. He developed an even greater appreciation (than he already had) for all his wife does daily in keeping the home running smoothly. The family experienced all denominations of faith coming together and working as one body as they developed a program to financially assist victims of TBI.

This testimony is just one example of the transforming power that takes place in a time of tragedy. Instead of focusing on their loss, this family focused on getting through each day. Everyday life outside of their family became the least of their priorities. Careers took a back seat, personal desires took a back seat, and any other problem that was there prior to the accident became trivial.

This father, his family, their relatives, friends, and the church all experienced
transformation due to an automobile accident that almost took the life of a beautiful, godly, very loved young lady.

FamilyThe family that was preparing for months of therapy for their daughter, are together at home again after only 6 weeks of rehabilitation. The young lady who many thought would never graduate, will graduate on schedule this spring.

So, could it be that perhaps the family, friends, and community of faith had a need met through this time of suffering that otherwise may not have been met? I don't have the answer to this question, I'm merely pondering as a result of praying the Lord's prayer.

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