Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A Woman and the Screeching Girl

Yesterday a woman came into my store and stopped in the front to browse some of the new releases. Her entrance into the store was made obvious by the person she was with, in fact, I'm sure it is very difficult for this woman and the girl she accompanied to not draw attention wherever they go.

The girl she accompanied was screeching seemingly uncontrollably and drew all eyes toward her because it sounded so frightening.

"The girl's screeching was similar to the sounds R2-D2 made"

It is natural to look to see what was the matter and what was going on. The girl's screeching was similar to the sounds R2-D2 made when under attack in all of the Star Wars films. She was extremely loud, and after the initial reaction from customers and myself, when we realized that this was a person who had some physical disabilities, we would go about our business, even though the girl's loud outbursts were quite distracting.

The woman and the girl browsed the store for quite awhile yesterday afternoon. I also noticed that the girl was wearing protective head gear and had a rather unsteady gait as the older woman kept steadying the girl and offered support by hanging onto the girl's arm.

As I continued working on my tasks, and helping other customers, I was tuned in to the girl's cries, whines, and frightened screeches. I began wondering about some things.

I wondered if the girl had any mental disabilities? There was no way for me to know, and perhaps the young girl has a mind full of thoughts and stories but they are stuck inside her and that frustrates her immensely. She can't communicate through any recognizable language and all she can muster are cries and screams. I was wondering if those cries and screams are beautiful thoughts she was trying desperately to communicate but her physical body wouldn't allow her to?

Then I started admiring the woman she was with. The woman was obviously this girl's caretaker, most likely her mother, or grandmother.

"She doesn't seem to notice that they are the center of attention."

She spoke so lovingly and caringly to the girl and held on to her so tenderly, yet provided strength and support for the girl as she made her way through the store. At one point I admittedly and ashamedly was embarrassed for the woman and girl, because the noises that the girl screams out really seeks attention and one can't help but notice the situation. I'm not kidding with that image of R2-D2 screeching in those scenes where his head spins all around! The girl sounded identical! People are naturally gonna look to see what is going on...and yet none of that phased the woman at all. She doesn't seem to notice that they are the center of attention. And if she does notice, she just doesn't care that there are onlookers.

Is that how God is with us? At times our behavior is shameful, knowingly and willingly shameful, unlike the girl with a handicap, yet God never stops loving us.

"He remains unshaken."

We cry, we scream, we throw our tantrums, yet He remains unshaken, just as that woman in my store yesterday. He holds onto us, never feeling ashamed or embarrassed, but rather, shows only concern and forgiveness and mercy. He supports us with His Right Hand and is there to pick us up when we fall. He looks at us so lovingly and so boundless is His love.

His love is so pure that nothing can make Him love us less. Nothing can make Him love us more. He loves His children and so boundless is His love.

When all the world looks at us with condemning eyes, He doesn't even notice that, because it doesn't matter, and neither did it matter to the woman in my store.

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