Saturday, March 11, 2006

So You Are Visiting a Church for the First Time...

What things do you need to know about that church?

What thoughts are going through your head as you pull in the driveway, the parking lot, or first walk in the front door, or side door? Do you wonder which door to enter? or where to park?

Northbrook ChurchWhere's the steeple?

What kinds of things are you looking for when you are greeted, or not greeted, at the door?

Do you have a "checklist" in your mind that you mentally check off when you visit the church? or do you just go and experience whatever comes your way?

Is all you care about is where to find the coffee?

Is it important to you that the members of that church introduce themselves to you, and meet you? Would you rather be left alone?

How about the music in the service? What kind of music do you prefer to worship to? What about the drama that accompanied the service, is there a place for drama/theater in church? Interpretive movement? Dance? What is all this stuff? Does any of it matter?

Is the spirit of the living God here? How do you know?

Why isn't there an "invitation", or what's an invitation? Why isn't there an "offering", or how can I give?

I attended a "summit" meeting at my church today where we discussed some of the things we feel we do well as a church, and some of the things we need to improve upon. It got me wondering what a person's first impression of our church is? and what should it be?

thumbs upSo, I am asking you, dear reader, to tell me what you look for as far as a "first impression" of a church, when you visit.thumbs down Please share in the comment section about any experience you have had, or would hope to have you when you visit a church for the first time. What would impress you the most about a church? What would totally turn you off to a church, and would basically wipe out any chance of a return visit?

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