Thursday, March 02, 2006


Jeep BatterySo my car troubles the other day (see post below) amounted to nothing more than a dead battery. A very dead battery, I mean when I turned the key...nothing. No "click", all, until I took the key OUT of the ignition. Bloggles the mind. I've never had a battery suddenly die like that, usually there is warning, and definitely I've never experienced every single gauge move in unison to the right, indicating an imminent catastrophic explosion of said car either. Oh well, the important thing is that has been handled. $$
Dry Eye
I have dry eyes today. I have only one question...why are my dry scratchy eyes watering? If they are watering, why are they still dry?

My face has finally stopped drooping. The anesthetic from my root canal has worn off. Today was visit one, of many, I fear. I've always had excellent dental reports, but times they are a changin'. $$

Root CanalIt wasn't fun at the dentist either. They did a good job, but for some reason the anesthetic wasn't taking too easily. After waiting for the first round of shots to take hold, the doc came in and tried to put the clamp on my tooth and I winced. When I could feel that, he shot me up some more. He came back, clamped me without an issue and started to drill. bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz OUCH! I FELT THAT! So he shot me up some more and was able to proceed. I can't say that I enjoyed that whole drilling the nerve thing AT ALL! I also don't like my skull shaking from the vibration of the drill. I'm not sure God created us with the intention that we would be experiencing skull shaking.

Katie stayed home sick from work today. I hate it when the mom is sick. When the mom is sick, the world doesn't turn as smoothly anymore. I couldn't even successfully pick out the correct rice pudding when I went to Walmart on an errand run.

Boo BerryI like that the new Walmart Supercenter stocks Boo Berry and fruit cups. It's weird too, when I walk around the new store, for some reason I feel like I have moved to a new city. Bizarre.

I wonder how long those dead flowers in the vase are going to sit on the desk?

I can't wait until my next day off.

The new Plumb CD is great. I can't get the song "Cut" out of my head. It deals with the subject of self-abuse referred to as "cutting". Amazing song. See?

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