Saturday, March 04, 2006

Creating Life

Today, I went out in my back yard to check to see if the tulips I planted last fall had started to break ground. Much to my surprise, there were these darling little saplings barely poking through! I was so happy! You see, I'm not one to do well with plants. I have always told people that I have the black thumb of death! But, last fall I took a chance and planted some bulbs. Tulips are my favorite flower and I just wanted to grow them from scratch this year. And now, they are born! Gosh, if it's this exciting creating life from planting a bulb that The Creator brought to life from nothing....I can't imagine what it must have been like for Him to breathe life into existance! I can't imagine the excitement as he watched the very first sunrise, the very first sunset, the very first day. That's not even to say the elation that came when he created the plants, animals, and finally, in His own image, He brought forth from the dust of the earth........the first man. WOW!

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