Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Rebecca St. James


*** Click to see video clip of RSJ entrance! *** (file only good until 04/18/06?)

Rebecca St. James rocked the house in Jackson, TN last night! Great show! A stellar performer and the songs from her new CD just jam live! Some of my favorite parts though were when she put the audience front and center to sing "Lamb of God" and "Blessed Be the Name". I just love the sound of an audience singing in unison to the Lord. Powerful. Gives me chills!

Barlow Girl impressed me with their stage show as well. They really know how to engage the audience.

Jadon Lavik performed for us as the opening act and played some songs from his new album. He did a good job of warming up the audience.

Full concert review at CrimsonLight.com and more pictures at my Flickr.

The funny story of the evening arrives via the elderly couple that we were sitting next to. When I took my seat next to the man I looked over at them both and asked "are you ready to raaawwwkk?!"

They both gave me the bugged-out eye, deer caught in the headlights look, and the man replied "I thought this was a gospel music show".

"They both gave me the bugged-out eye, deer caught in the headlights look..."

It was evident that his idea of "gospel music" was not Barlow Girl and Rebecca St. James, but possibly the Gaithers or the Crabb Family.

I explained that this is a rock concert, but it is gospel music. We are going to be hearing Christian rock music. I also suggested they might want earplugs, I was getting some and could get them some if they would like.

"Will it be loud?"

I said "oh yes!"

The woman did go and get earplugs, but her husband refused.

I told them Jadon Lavik is a singer-songwriter who plays guitar and sings and that he won't be too bad.

I warned them though that when Barlow Girl comes out, things will be turned up a notch.

The man, noticing the thousands of youth scurrying about, asked "do these artists appeal to young people?"

I explained that they do and he told me that he's heard Rebecca St. James on his gospel music station.

I tried to explain to him that Rebecca St. James has many songs played on the radio, even some nice soft sounding ones, but that she is known for being a "rocker". I also told him that her new album is a rock album and that she will be doing a lot of songs from that.

At this point I'm not sure the couple really understood what they were in for.

So Lavik finishes his set and then WHAM! Barlow Girl heads out on stage to thunderous applause and screams and shouting from the young audience. Everyone was on their feet immediately, well, everyone except the elderly couple seated next to me.

They sat there the entire time while people around them were dancing, jumping and singing along with Barlow Girl's rocking music.

After Barlow Girl finished their set the man leaned over to me and asked "are people going to be standing up the whole time for Rebecca St. James too?"

"yes, I"m sure they will."

The man motioned disgust as he tossed his hands and pushed them out in front of his body.

Well, it was obvious he wasn't pleased with that answer, and sure enough, as the screen over the stage started the "countdown", the audience leaped from their seats in great anticipation of things to come. St. James entered the stage with lights flashing all around to the lead single off her new CD and it was loud and it was rockin'! It was fantastic and she set the stage for awesome things to come!

"the couple was off in a shot!"

The next tune was "Lamb of God", another rocker, and the couple was off in a shot! They left.

Missed a great show too!

This concert was a benefit to raise funds/awareness for ACTS, Abstinence and Character Training Services of West Tennessee. Thanks to West Jackson Baptist Church for donating the venue.

Read the full concert review at CrimsonLight.com.

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