Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Reviewed: Plumb "Chaotic Resolve"

PlumbPlumb "Chaotic Resolve" (02/28/06)

Plumb releases another outstanding album filled with her signature thought-provoking lyrics that cover the subjects of life and love, and not just the pretty parts. The music is cutting edge as Tiffany Arbuckle Lee delivers powerful lush vocals over melodies and styles that lead the listener on a tour through a museum of moods and emotions. This CD is the most genre experimental album of the Plumb catalogue and encompasses many different modern rock, pop sounds that capture the ear and hold it. There are numerous radio friendly tracks showcased here and this may just be the CD that moves Plumb from the background to the forefront as one of music's most talented Christian artists.

Read the entire review at and then check out the track and video "Cut" at Plumb's MySpace!

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