Sunday, December 25, 2005

Will We Have Enough Food?

I just asked Katie "Are we going to have enough food?".

With a very affirming "yes!" she said, "He fed 5000 with five loaves of bread and two fish."

You see, we originally planned on sharing our Christmas meal with an ederly and lonely neighbor, Miss Virgina, just as we did last year. Moments ago, plans changed at church however, when one couple mentioned they had nothing special planned for the day. Katie then invited Harry and Paula over for dinner too.

But, that's not all...Vern, Vina and Miss Katherine were heading to IHOP for Christmas dinner. NOT ACCEPTABLE! So, Katie invited them as well.

Our meal for five suddenly swelled to a dinner for twice that!

We are scurrying about making new table settings and room for our special guests. How blessed we are! Tiffany is busy peeling potatoes, Justin and I are busy tidying up (I'm on break), Katie is glowing as this is the kind of thing she was made for, and in a few minutes, we will gather in His Name.

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