Friday, December 30, 2005

Retailer Appreciation Day

After having worked 36 of the last 41 days I am officially exhausted. I'm so thankful that the holidays are nearly over, and at least the big gift giving holiday already is. "Calgon, take me away!"

The fact that banks were closed for three days in a row last week...and probably again this week, along with many businesses closing for the holidays has me thinking about all their "extra" days off. I want that. I want extra days off too!

I propose a holiday for any and all retailers who worked long hours stocking their stores to capacity, cleaning-up after disrespectful customers leave a mess in their wake, and serving all customers to the best of their ability even when some customers with poor attitudes only deserved to be handed a lump of coal and pushed out the door.

Retailer Appreciation Day!

I propose it be a day that everyone else has to workers, federal government employees, and anyone else that normally has days like Independence Day, Labor Day, President's Day, Arbor Day... (just checking to see if you actually read this far! LOL) know, all those "no mail today" days, and retailers get the paid day off!

Hmmmmm, when should it be? I say make it a Friday! A day that people would notice us when we aren't there! A day that people get their paychecks and won't have anything to spend it on! would never work. Our society is built on greed...not appreciation. That would be too much money not being spent on stuff we don't need.

Retailer Appreciation Day.

It sounded so cool at first.

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