Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Why Was Jesus Baptized?

Why was Jesus baptized?

My SaLT group is reading The Jesus Creed; Loving God and Loving Others by Scot McKnight, and you can learn more about him at his blog The Jesus Creed.

We are really taking a critical look at this book and the topic this past week really had the discussion going. It was from Matthew 3:13-17, when John baptized Jesus.

McKnight points out that John was confused as to why Jesus came to him to be baptized. He goes on to say:
"But Jesus is baptized anyway. John's baptism is for repentance, and Jesus doesn't need to repent. Clearly, then, if Jesus doesn't need to repent, then he must be repenting for others, for us."
He continued:
"Because in so 'repenting for us,' Jesus begins to unleash the power of the Holy Spirit for his followers. John baptizes with 'water,' but Jesus will baptize 'with the Holy Spirit and with fire.'"
In conclusion McKnight states what he believes is "clear":
"Jesus is baptized to repent perfectly so God can send the Spirit to empower us for our vocations."
Any thoughts?

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