Sunday, May 08, 2005


The framily watched National Treasure last night. WOW! Great adventure movie with action and suspense! I loved it! Then we all played around with the special features on the DVD decoding all the secret messages. Good framily night!

Apparantly Kenny Chesney is something special because the tickets for his Memphis show went on sale yesterday and when I arrived to work at 8am, people were already lining up. Since Ticketmaster does a random number distribution lottery for a place in line, there really is no lining up anymore, so I told all 20-25 of the people there that there was no point in being there until 9am. They had nothing better to do so they stayed and hovered around the gate until 9. We sold about $15,000 in tickets from our outlet yesterday and answered as many phone calls about that show! Ugh! I don't think I could even tell you what one Kenny Chesney song is!

Paul Colman's latest release "Let it Go" is one to get and NOT let go of! I had his last Paul Colman Trio CD and it was "eh". THIS one however is filled with catchy melodies, lyrics that inspire and convict, and solid beginning to end. A great addition to your Christian music CD collection! I urge you to give this one a listen.

I'm praying about a possible slight career change.

I am addicted to grapes. It's bad. Grapes are expensive. Now I am enjoying frozen grapes...a great warm-weather treat!

Time to go to church! Have a blessed day! Woohooo!

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