Saturday, October 18, 2008

How's This for Transparency?

I have a confession. The Sisters are no longer who we were when this site was created. Seeking to glorify God in all we do as sisters in Christ is no longer how we live together. So much has changed and I fear that if our focus does not get where it needs to be soon, that we may not even be able to call one another best friends anymore. I feel sad when I read our blog now and I reminisce of how things used to be. Times change. People change. God brings people into our lives for a season..and he takes them out. So, is one season ending and another beginning? Only God has that answer. I know I don't want it to. The last 8 years, in spite of the difficulties, have been the best years and I am thankful for the beautiful memories that I will always cherish! I don't know what God is doing, but I want us to respond appropriately. He is definitely moving and changing things...and it hurts. Please pray for us as we are in a time of difficult transitions (spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically).

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