Saturday, October 11, 2008

God's Love

God's love is amazing. His grace is truly sufficient. Today was a wonderful day! I only shed a brief tear one time this morning. I spent the day reorganizing Justin's room (something I have wanted to do for a very long time). It proved to be very therapeutic. I feel so much better. I am finding more pride than grief today. I hope Justin is doing okay.

Sue took me to see the Billy Graham movie today. I highly recommend it! It was a great movie! I don't know how much of it actually happened but it was still very inspiring. My sister has been a trooper for me through this whole ordeal. She will go to any length to see that I am happy. Today, she took me shopping for a toilet seat. Lots of interesting conversation can develop while shopping for toilet seats...especially with other customers. We had a few laughs...and bought an old, lumpy pumpkin!

God is with me. Whenever I cry out...he comforts me. Today, His power was felt in huge ways!

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