Saturday, October 11, 2008

Beautiful Words From A Navy Mom Like Me

Dear Katrina,

This is a tuff time for moms..... every mom has felt as you do when their child leaves. You will be proud and when you seem him PIR. You will hold your head high,,,,shed your tears, and know that you too have survived... You Are a Navy Mom and the feelings you have are being shared by every mom standing beside you. You will know their fears and their tears and know that no one ever walks alone.... and guess what your sailor has learned the same thing... He never stood alone because his buddies will have been there for him...God goes with you and your son...Bless you and your prayer life. It is funny that we often forget that when our children are not with us that God sees them well, that the same moon shining over you is shining over them and when the sun comes up it is coming up over both of you... Send him a hug when it comes up and when it goes down....God will be with him

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