Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Walton's, an Abdication, and Gram

Tonight, while watching an episode of The Walton's, I was reminded briefly of my Gram and how much I miss her.

The episode, titled The Abdication, had weaved in the main storyline, another story that has it's grounding in World History, the abdication of Edward VIII of Britain in 1936. I was unfamiliar with this crisis, but on Walton's Mountain, the story was headline news and the whole family gathered around the radio one evening to listen to King Edward give his speech, abdicating the throne.King Edward VIII

I wondered aloud, "hey, was this really a world crisis of the day? I know, I'll ask my Gram" and then I immediately burst into tears as reality slapped me in the face.

I can't ask my Gram.

It will be so weird when I go home in a few weeks and Gram won't be there. I'm nervous about that.

I'm thankful for Google, because I have a wealth of information at my fingertips, but it's no Gram!

I miss my Gram.

See Edward VIII abdication crisis at Wikipedia

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