Sunday, May 06, 2007

That's My Boy!!!!

I have a confession...

Today, my head filled up with so much pride that I thought it might just pop! My son performed with the JCS high school band in concert. I had NO idea how much he had improved since the last time I watched him perform at Quad state last year. He made me cry!

He was given an award for the most improved student and I can see why. I was flabbergasted by his performance. He played so different from any other time I have seen him. He played with power and charisma! He played all kinds of percussion instruments as I sat there amazed. Aside from the encouragement of his band director, he has had some awesome mentors in band for the past year or so. He loves being on the drum line and wants it to be the best!

His band teacher has sent several emails this year telling me about how much he has been progressing. But today, the words Mr. Bridges shared in front of all those people made me cry. He set the stage to announce the award recipient and then................IT WAS MY SON! MY CHILD! It was my son he was talking about when he said he was already an outstanding musician, but that he had never seen someone grow so much musically in such a short time as this person (my son) has. He said he is someone who is very willing to help other people, someone who is a very kind Christian person. (These are the times that make all the hard times vanish.) Then he said my son's name when he announced who the award went to! I wanted to stand up and shout..."THAT'S MY BOY!!!!!" I cried today. I cried as I watched him perform and I cried as I watched him receive his award. Then I cried when I realized that the most awesome drum line feature didn't take on the recording!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I was walking around I could hear people talking about him. One lady even stopped him and raved about his performance. I had to tell her, "That's my boy!"

If pride is sinful then I must be the worst sinner of all tonight!

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