Sunday, May 13, 2007

How To Block MySpace Profile Songs

Thank you Andy Skelton! I don't know why I didn't search for a solution before now, but thanks to Andy Skelton I found out How to block MySpace profile songs. YAY!

Supposedly when editing a MySpace account, you can turn "off" the function that allows music to play on sites you visit. That hasn't worked for me, but there's a lot of things on MySpace that don't work for importing address books, (but that's another story).

Andy Skelton's solution has worked:

Edit this file: c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts (try /etc/hosts if it’s not Windows). Add the following as a new line and save the file.

This may not take effect immediately. You can run ipconfig /flushdns to make Windows obey.

The nice thing about this method is that it works for any browser you have installed; no ad-blocking or proxy software is required.

Disclaimer: editing files that you don’t know from config.sys is risky. Your risk, not mine.

I HATE music on sites, with a passion! Katie gets tired of hearing me say everyday, just after some song starts playing, "grrrrrrrrr, I HATE music on sites!"

Why do I hate music on sites while I am surfing?
  1. I'm already listening to my own choice of music
  2. I don't like YOUR music, if I did, it would already be my choice of music!
My friend Katie says she likes music on sites, because she either likes the music or she might be introduced to something she hadn't heard before. I still say, then, if you want to share some music with people...GIVE US A CHOICE!

It's not hard say something like "Hey, I found a really neat new band. There music sounds like this and that. I like how the lead singer evokes an emotional response by the way he delivers a phrase, blah blah blah." Then give the reader the OPTION to listen. DON'T FORCE ME TO!

Truth is, when I come across music on a site, I leave immediately when it starts to play. Because you have music playing, I never read what you blogged about. Wonder how many great blogs go unread because the music you make us endure forced a large majority of us away from your page?

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