Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Did You See Us On TV?

Hey! Thanks for dropping by the Sisters' Weblog! It seems we have a few new visitors since we made our television debut tonight! Whew! I was nervous a bit about how our hour and a half interview would come together into a two minute segment on the news, but I think it turned out well. Sue and Katie on WBBJ

Here's a pic of what we looked like on tv. I'm hoping to get the actual video of it to post, because they actually included some of the parts where I talked about Ganns, my friend in the Phillipines, and the atheist that we communicated with a few years ago about matters of faith. I tried to take a video with my camera of the tv, but that doesn't work out so well...you get all those black lines that float throughout the frame. What is that anyway? Half the time we looked like talking torsos. LOL

There was only one thing that was reported in error, and that was the part where the reporter said I, Sue, was from Kansas. I am not from Kansas. I have never been to Kansas. My sister lived in Kansas for a short while, like 6 months, but he wouldn't have known that, and it really has nothing to do with me. Anyway, Katie and I figured out why the error happened. After the "shoot" two weeks ago, we were talking with Brad Douglass and the camerawoman about our story and mentioned how we met on the Internet. We gave them a quick rundown of some of the interesting things that happened to bring me to TN and they said "Wow! See! All the really interesting stuff comes AFTER the interviews!" So, I think they tried to recall what we said and got most of it right, just not the Kansas part.

I actually moved here from Iowa, although my home is Ohio.

Oh, you can read that interesting story about how we met and became friends by clicking HERE. Yeah, we posted the interview my dog Whyzer did one day about how Katie and I became friends. (Yep, you read that right!) You can find out even more about us by looking in the menu on the right under each of our names and then click "take a closer look" and that will open a menu and you can follow the links to various bio pages and other sites.

What you will find on the pages of Sisters' Weblog: It Bloggles the Mind! are many things. We share about day to day things, sometimes just the silly things that we do or we might share about spiritual lessons we have learned or are in the process of learning. We want to glorify God by using this blog as a vehicle to share our faith in Christ, that is our main goal. We can be theologically deep at times, and just plain silly in other moments...but that is because we only try to be who God created us to be. God loves the sound of our laughter and holds our hearts in the palm of His hand when we hurt. He is the reason we are friends, and to Him be the glory!

Here is a file of the transcript of "The Blogosphere" if you care to read the interview as it was presented in the television segment. Like I said, we hope to get a video of the interview asap!

If you saw us on the news, let us know what you thought by leaving a comment! We'd love to hear from you. If you just happened by, leave a comment too! We'd like to meet you!

**** UPDATE!!!!!! 05/11/07 *****


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