Saturday, May 05, 2007

Fun With Webcams

It was late, it was time for bed, but nooooooo, we decided to play around with the webcam!

No we are NOT on drugs!

We don't normally look like this!

We don't normally behave like this, well....uhhhh, maybe a little. We do like to laugh! THAT'S FOR SURE!

So this video will give you a little bit of insight as to what goes on around here when Katie and I are together. The thing that cracked Sue up so much was what Katie said about having too much "recipe". That is in reference to a running storyline on The Waltons. (We are big Walton's fans in this household.) The "recipe" is moonshine that the Baldwin sisters offer to guests in their home. The still, and the "recipe", was left to them by their well-respected father, Judge Baldwin, and in their innocence they don't know that what the "recipe" is. They just believe it is a tasty, refreshing drink and kindly offer to people who DO know what it is, but no one wants to let them in on the "secret".

This video, I guess, is also a bit of a "preview" as to what we will look like this upcoming Tuesday, when the Sisters' Weblog will be featured on "The Blogosphere", a news special on WBBJ, the local ABC tv affiliate.

Wow...I'm so embarrassed. LOL

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