Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Invention Suggestion

My invention suggestion is: silent candy wrap/chip bags

When I go to the movies, or even as I am watching movies at home, I like to be absorbed into the movie or, "removed" from reality if you will.Quiet Please

Nothing jolts me back to real life and distracts me from the story playing out on the screen than some kid digging in a bag of jelly bellies or grabbing a handful of chips!

Movie SnacksAnd the more discreet the kid tries to be, the more obvious and distracting and proloooooooooonged the scene becomes.

I don't like to get candy and stuff in noisy bags because I feel so rude and disruptive to those around me, but if the bags were "crinkle-less", I would be much more willing to indulge. (Of course, maybe it isn't such a good idea afterall! LOL)

Why must the wrappers candy is in or the chip bags be so noisy??

I demand silent candy wrap/chip bags!

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