Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Day I Was Crucified

For Easter, Katie gave me a gift. It is a book called "The Day I Was Crucified" as Told by Jesus the Christ, written by Gene Edwards.

Now, I am usually a reader of non-fiction, so when starting this book it was difficult at first to stop thinking so critically about this book. I would read and think to myself how can he know that happened? That didn't happen! or that's not right! Once I finally relaxed and accepted this as a creative exploration of Jesus' thoughts on the day of His crucifixion, I was able to just embrace the thoughts and ideas and enjoy the read so far.

Last night Katie and I read some of this together and we read something very wonderful and profoundly impacting!

Here is the scene: Jesus is hanging on the cross very near death as the battle is raging in the heavenlies. We hear His thoughts as He fights against World System, Sin, Satan, Law and finally Death. In the physical realm, Jesus has just spoken to the thief on the cross next to Him,
"Then he said, "Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.

Jesus answered him, "I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise."

It was now about the sixth hour, and darkness came over the whole land until the ninth hour," (Luke 23:42-44)

Jesus physically dies and there in the tomb with Him lies World, Sin, and Law. Death also lay there, still and silent. This is the climactic part of the scene as Jesus is going "head to head" with Death in battle, and "all were awaiting".

The scene changes to the heavenly realm where angels are talking amongst themselves. They noticed that the door to their realm was missing, and they could look down upon the earth. They wondered aloud if that meant they would be able to go back and forth to the earth as in the days of Adam?

Or would they see mortal beings setting foot in the realm of the spirituals?

"I could not imagine," replied one of the angels.

One startled angel blinked and asked, "Pray tell what is that I see? Whatever it is, it seems to have only this moment appeared. It seems to be coming this way."

"Forbid that fallen man should gain entrance to the habitat of the heavenlies!" exclaimed a rather concerned angel. "But, what is that?"

"I have no idea" responded another angel.

"It is far to bright to be an angel"

It cannot be a human, can it?"

"Of course not! Fallen men are not allowed in the realm of thing spiritual under any conditions. Well, whatever it is, it is coming this way."

"Then we perhaps should prepare to make flight."


"Because! Whatever it is, so bright, so holy, we may not have a right to live in its presence."

"He stumbles, runs, and stumbles again. Look, no he is jumping. He is definitely...coming!"

"I have never seen such conduct," mused another of the angels.

"As I said, we may have to find some other place to live. For one thing, has there ever been such purity and holiness?"

By now the entire angelic host had moved to the unguarded entrance to heavenly places. "What light!" The angels were dumbfounded with awe at the one approaching.

The author continues to describe the scene as it unfolds with the angels trying to understand the situation unfolding before them. They are curious, but cautious and unsure as to what to make of this creature that has now begun talking to them.

"I have never seen such innocence, purity, and perfection," whispered one of the angels. "He does not seem to be aware of how beautiful he is or how bright his light is."

The creature inquires "You have never seen anything like me, have you?"

"You are the first," stammered one of the angels, finally, "but...I have an idea you will not be the last. As to who you are...I would be pleased to tell you, but I do not know who or what you are."

"He told me that I would be here today. Is this today?"

The mouths of the angels fell open.

One said "At last we know who you are!"

Another said, "That is not possible. After all, remember what he was: He was an old thief. That old, cheating, lying thief."

"You are the first of the redeemed."

"You are the handiwork of Christ's redemption."

"You are the first of those for whom we have waited throughout the ages. We have long waited for this day to arrive."

"You are called a holy one."

I was delightfully fooled. I thought it was Jesus approaching the heavenly realm. It was not. It was the thief.

The thief.


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