Saturday, April 15, 2006

I'm a "Dweller"

Click the link below to listen to a small .wav file. Can you identify that sound?


What is your guess?

No...that's not it.

Try again.


Good guess, but nah...that's not it.

Hey, maybe if you try again three, four, maybe five times in a row listening to it. Yep, loop that puppy! That should help you make a more accurate id.

Got it yet?





This is me online banking.

How does an intelligent, responsible person such as myself do something SOOOO STUPID! UGH!

I might as well drive down the road and throw $ out the window!

As if the car repairs weren't enough!

... or the plumbing repair in the one bathroom!

... or the $2200 sewer line repair!

... or my VERY costly dental repairs!

Yep, like I have $ to throw out the window!

Sometimes I just want to be five again, when all I worried about was where my pink blankey blanket

I want my pink blankey!

Pink blankeys make everything better.

I'm a dweller.

I can't shake the "stupids".

I can't believe I did something so dumb and made such a costly mistake. Ugh.

I'm gonna dwell on this one for awhile, I can tell.

I'm a dweller.

... and I don't have a pink blankey.

... or the $ TO GO BUY ONE!

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