Saturday, April 16, 2005

Team Impact

The framily went to see Team Impact last night. They are in Jackson for a few days at Englewood Baptist Church, and spent some of the week days visiting area schools. Team Impact is an evangelistic ministry that really appeals to kids, and men...oh heck...just about anyone, because of thier "show" and feats of strength. I'm still marveling that one dude folded up a frying pan like a burrito! I saw it with my own eyes! Amazing!

All the glory is God's! The men of Team Impact put on a daring show with spectacular feats of strength and shared testimonies of God's work in their lives. Their stories really grab one's heart.

One of the men shared about a lady he met at a church in Texas. This was during a Team Impact energy filled evening at the lady's church. At the end of the evening there is an invitation for those making decisions for Christ to come forward. He shared that this one woman took about 10 minutes to come down the balcony steps and come to the altar. He told us that it took her so long because she was 86 years old! He also told us that he met her about halfway down the aisle and picked her up and carried her to the front!

What was amazing about this story is that on the way out of the church that night when the event was over, the woman was heard saying "I ..... am......ready!" The pastor then shared that the really amazing thing was that the woman had been a member of that church for 57 years!

She was 86 years old and a member of the church for 57 years and had never heard the gospel! (This doesn't necessarily mean that the gospel wasn't taught, but that she never "heard" it before.) People IN the church NEED to hear the gospel taught! TEACH IT BROTHERS AND SISTERS! TEACH IT!

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