Wednesday, April 06, 2005

A Quickie!

Sue has stepped away and now I have time for a quickie blog! I just want to say that I have never been so blessed from fellowshipping with a bunch of sisters in Christ as I was with this group from Marshalltown Iowa. I look forward to talking about the times we shared as soon as possible. We laughed so hard, prayed so deep and fellowship was so sweet. God really blessed my time and I made some new friends/family this past weekend. I sure do miss Connie and Deleana. I'm so thankful that God brought us together. I really am excited to share about our time at Holy Grounds (a christian cafe) and the time spent with Connie and her tea house and the pajama parties and, and, and, oh just wait!!!!!! God is sooooooooo good!!!!! Glory to the One who gave everything He had so that I could know His love!!!!! Wooohoooooo!!!!!

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