Thursday, April 14, 2005

Dove Awards 2005

It's a miracle! I actually quite please with the list of recipients this year. In most categories I agree! Yay!

Congratulations to hometown Day of Fire on their Rock Album of the Year Award! Woohooo!

Here's a list of winners in categories I care about. My choice or alternate choices are indicated whereas the winner is in bold

Doves go to:

Song of the Year

"Dare You to Move"; Jonathan Foreman; Sugar Pete Songs, Meadowgreen Music (ASCAP)

"Glory Defined"; Jim Cooper, Kenny Lamb, Jason Roy; Dayspring Music (BMI), WB Music (ASCAP), I Give Music (ASCAP)

"Meant to Live"; Jonathan Foreman; Sugar Pete Songs, Meadowgreen Music (ASCAP)

"Who Am I"; Mark Hall; Club Zoo Music (BMI), SWECS Music (BMI)

I would have been happy with almost any song nominated in this category except for "Healing Rain". I don't know why, but I just don't like Michael W. Smith...his voice is too "whiny" for me and oh my goodness, have you heard him singing "Bridge Over Troubled Waters"? Sometimes the classics just need to be left alone!

Male Vocalist of the Year

Jeremy Camp - Yay! Good choice here!

Female Vocalist of the Year

Nicole C. Mullen - Wow! I really didn't expect a win for her, but this is good!

Group of the Year

Casting Crowns - I can live with this because I do think their CD is one of the best worship CDs out there.

Switchfoot - my choice hands down. I think Switchfoot's CD is destined to become a classic in CCM and even in mainstream. I call it one of the best albums of 2004.

Artist of the Year


New Artist of the Year

Building 429 - great choice!

Day of Fire - was pulling for the hometown favorite!

Rap/Hip Hop Recorded Song of the Year

"Hittin' Curves"; Dichotomy A; Grits

Modern Rock Recorded Song of the Year

"Control"; Reset EP; MuteMath

Rock Recorded Song of the Year

"Come on Back to Me"; Wire; Third Day

"Cornerstone"; Day of Fire; Day of Fire - drat! missed it by that much!

"Stay"; Stay; Jeremy Camp; Jeremy Camp - good tune!

Rock/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year

"Dare You to Move"; The Beautiful Letdown; Switchfoot

"Glory Defined"; Space In Between Us; Building 429

Pop/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year

"Who Am I"; Casting Crowns; Casting Crowns

Urban Recorded Song of the Year

"You Don't Know"; I Owe You; Kierra Kiki Sheard

Rap/Hip Hop Album of the Year

Dichotomy A; Grits

HD Higher Definition; The Cross Movement

Welcome to Diverse City; tobyMac - GREAT ALBUM!

Modern Rock Album of the Year

Collide; Skillet - I saw this as Skillet's best effort yet!

Fight the Tide; Sanctus Real

Rock Album of the Year


Rock/Contemporary Album of the Year

Space In Between Us; Building 429 - this would have been a great choice!

Wire; Third Day;

Pop/Contemporary Album of the Year

Bethany Dillon; Bethany Dillon - she'll have her day no doubt!

Undone; MercyMe - I'm just getting tired of Mercy Me

Urban Album of the Year

Everyday People; Nicole C. Mullen

Praise & Worship Album of the Year

Arriving; Chris Tomlin - One of the best p&w leaders ever!

Worship Song of the Year

"Blessed Be Your Name"; Matt Redman - eh, I thought the nominees in this category were rather weak, but I'd agree that this was the strongest of the tunes.

This year no one really ran away with all the awards and I liked that. Just about everone was recognized for their accomplishments and I was very pleased with the award winner list this year. It's the fairest I've seen in awhile. Congrats to all the Dove Award Winners!

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