Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Today Was My Day Off

Today was my day off.

That means I spent all the money I earned on the days I am not off.

Jeep repairs = $200 with another $150 in repairs needed.

Whyzer got a hair cut $40 (including a tip for the groomer who loooooves my poochie!)

Here's the before and after grooming shots:



Before I knew I needed $ for jeep repairs, I bought this, this and I'm most excited about this.

I also spent a few $ on breakfast at Cathey's Restaurant in Trenton, TN. I just love that little dive. The best waitress in the world works there! Her name is Faye, so if you ever check it out, tell Faye that Sue and Katie sent ya! Oh, and leave a big tip, she'll deserve it!

We stayed at Cathey's for awhile after we ate and did some of our Extreme Love bible study. At one point, Faye sat down with us to ask some advice because she knows we are "religious" (I dislike being referred to as "religious") and might have guidance in her dilemma. I don't know if we were much help to her, but I'm blessed that our faith shows, and that she felt confidence in asking for our help.

I played around on the computer today and made some .gif email sigs for fun and did some oversight work for the Outlaws of Sherwood Forest, my gaming community. I'm an avid Battlefield 1942 gamer and have been with the community over a year now. They have asked me to help out with some of the administration of OSF, and I feel privileged to do so. We try to run a clean community where gamers can play in a "family friendly" atmoshere.

I also did the last part of my One to One study and went to class tonight to discuss it. It's an evangelistic help workbook and I hope to take someone I know through it with me someday.

Well, it's time to get ready for bed, so I can get up in the morning, go to work, and earn more money to spend on my next day off!

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