Sunday, January 02, 2005

The Beginning

While cleaning out her bookshelf today, Sue came upon an old email. It was a response to the first emails we exchanged after I posted a prayer request in a guestbook on May 27, 1999. This is how it reads:

Sue, I am so glad that you responded. Your letter deeply touched my heart. I am as desperate as I sounded. I have asked people to pray for years. I hope that through many prayer chains I have created, people all over the world will be praying for my husband and my marriage. Pray that I act on wisdom an discernment from God instead of desperation. You can reach me through icq if you have it and we can talk in person (if you want to call it that). My ICQ # is 35711880. If you don't have [ICQ] and would like me to send you an invitation just let me know. Or, look it up under ICQ on the internet. I will definately pray that God sends you an extra blessing. God Bless You!!!!!

[Then was a response from Sue:]

I prayed my prayer for you as I said I would. I will continue to do so. I do have ICQ and my # is 107088030. God bless you in you walk with Him today.

As I sat beside my best friend (soulsister) and read this note today, it caused me to make a brief reflection of where God has brought us since that day of desperation when I posted that prayer request. Who would have ever thought that two souls with such a different history could come together as we did. God is wonderful and He truly does the unexpected.

We thought that Sue would pray for my husband, he would get saved and things would all work out in my marriage. It's no secret that things didn't turn out that way, but my prayer was answered. God did give me wisdom and discernment and I did not act out of foolish desperation. Sometimes we can't understand why things happen the way they do but we look back and see How our God truly is a God of infinate wisdom. He sees the whole picture and He knows the end of the story. He only wants us to trust Him...childlike faith.

Before I blogged this note, I told Sue that I want to blog my story this year. So, with this blog I will begin to take our interested readers on a marvelous journey of God transforming a beaten down caterpillar into His beloved butterfly!

I can only pray that others who can identify with the events of my life will find in my story a message of hope.

May God bless this.

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