Saturday, April 12, 2008

Old Letters and a Voice From the Past

Inspired by a few questions a friend asked me recently, I dug out of my drawer some old letters. Some are from people I still have intermittent contact with, and some are people I have seen nor heard from in years. Some are from people I most likely will not see again, but hope to, and some are from people that I really have no reason to contact again. No bittersweet here, just sweet.

Reading through those letters brought to the forefront of my mind how much my heart was wrapped around those few people. In fact, one particular person still comes to mind frequently when I hear certain songs or see certain sights. Weird how that is. Some people really do carve a niche into a heart and remain always in the back of the mind I guess.

I made a call just in the hope I'd be able to make contact. I left my number with a message taker. Now I await a voice from the past, wondering if it will ever fill my ears again, wondering if it should.

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